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Fragrances from Grasse – Why are they so special

Grasse the world’s fragrance capital

Our scents we use for our candle and room fragrance collection are achieved using complex, blended layers of high grade oils in collaboration with the finest boutique fragrance houses in Grasse the world’s fragrance capital.

The History about Grasse

If Grasse is the world capital of perfumery, it owes it to its tanners who, in the 16th century, aware of the strong smell of their leather, had the idea of perfuming them. Thus the area around the city was covered with roses and jasmine to feed the stills of the very first perfumers.

Since the 16th century, Grasse is known for its leather treatment industry and leatherwork. This leather had a somewhat unpleasant smell. Thus emerged the idea to perfume it. Rose, jasmine and tuberous plants, as well as mimosas and other flowers crops were therefore grown. At the end of the 16th century, the whole of Europe travelled to Grasse to purchase these flowers. And so the city became the Capital of Perfume. Our close collaboration with the finest “noses” of Grasse has always provided and will continue to provide our clients with high standards and performance.

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A unique climate and unspoiled landscape make the picturesque town of Grasse the perfect location for growing some of the most sought-after ingredients of luxury scent.

Perfect climate
‘The same plant can produce different scents depending on where and how it is grown.’ ‘Grasse’s climate makes it ideal for cultivating a range of flowers with particularly aromatic properties. This is because winters are cool with little rainfall, so plants have enough water to survive without being damaged.’ Similarly, low rainfall in the summer months makes the climate ideal for harvesting flowers because rain can rinse off some of their scent, while Grasse’s position in the hills protects it from salty sea air and strong winds, and its high altitude means flowers smell fresher.

Smelling is believing
Take it from someone who has stood in one of Grasse’s jasmine fields: the actual experience could never be summed up in words. The good news is, however, that you don’t need to travel to Grasse to sample its fragrant delights. As Masters describes, you can transport yourself there through one of our scented candles and room fragrances. Just light a candle, close your eyes and listen to what your nose is telling you.