Luxury Lifestyle brand POLO BEAUTY Group was founded in 2020 by Entrepreneur Scarlett Stilling, with two lines the POLO BEAUTY and the POLO HOME collection.

A family-owned luxury lifestyle brand with a collection of natural scented soy wax candles, room fragrances, wellbeing skin care and body care products, high performance cosmetics with the best results, cruelty-free.

With our 30 years’ experience working in the field of formulating cosmetic products and researching for the best and award winning ingredients, we created the POLO BEAUTY line with unique formulations, high performance and wellbeing feeling.

We also work alongside  renowned perfumers from Grasse, world’s capital of fragrances to design scents for globally loved brands and complement any interior & enhance wellbeing.

​Scarlett’s grandmother was the one who has laid the root for wellbeing cosmetic products, she started in 1985 formulating skincare products for her family and friends and later she launched her first product line and business.

Our products are proudly made in France using the finest luxury and award winning ingredients.

Through my passion for horses and polo I launched POLO BEAUTY Group where we have the POLO BEAUTY line, a beauty & wellness collection with amazing products for your skin and wellbeing.

Inspired by my love for interior design, candles and fragrances I created the POLO HOME collection with beautifully aromatic luxury candles, room fragrances and diffusers, infused with the best scents from Grasse, world’s capital of fragrances.

Scarlett Stilling

cruelty free – PEG free – mineral oils free – sulfate free – Non-toxic – 100% pure soy wax – GMO-free